22 December 2008

Another pink sunbeam

Pink scarf the almost identical is finished! Finally finished it on Friday night. I think it's about 10cm longer than the previous one - so they are not exactly identical. Here is pic of the the other finished pink scarf:

Also picked the baby jacket back up and the knitting is about 3/4 complete. Will be starting some new projects in the next couple of days - inspiration is back, seems to return just about round Xmas - maybe it's because I have time off...

17 December 2008

Sunbeam in orchid

Yes have finally finished the cotton scarf - hoorah! Piccies to arrive once it has been delivered to the recipient. A long slog, will not be repeating that particular pattern for a scarf again, even though it does look gorgeous.

Also bought the AU Creative knitting for summer mag the other day - a couple of tempting pieces in there. Will have to see if the inspiration continues... One more scarf to finish and then it's back to the socks.

20 November 2008

Slackness continuing...

Deadlines for finished items looming... still no return of keen spark. Not enough even vaguely watchable enough on TV to bother and so the computer has lured me away from the doing of stuff...

Must be more disciplined (she says continuing to type).

27 October 2008

A warm wind blowing

It's about this time each year where my enthusiasm drops right off, the warm winds seem to suck the creativity out of me...

Having said that, the two current pieces are trundling on. And with time running out, need to get a move on. Also have confirmation that the jacaranda baby jacket will not be going to the intended recipient, but to the next girl bub who turns up. Need to get started on a suitable replacement.

12 October 2008

Trundling on

The first of the Jigsaw socks has its heel turned and is probably about 3/4 of the length it needs to be. Now I need to measure the foot it is to go onto! Then it's only about 1 night's worth of knitting to go + another whole sock.

I have finished one half of the cotton pink scarf, and started on the next half - so it's moving along.

Of course this has meant that the other pink scarf and the jacaranda baby jacket are stalled for the moment. I need to figure out exactly where I was up to with the baby jacket - ths requires a brain that is not completely exhausted. Hopefully this week I'll be able to figure it out.

24 September 2008

Another pair o socks - nearly as addictive as scarves

Started on another pair of socks, making them up as I go along (somewhat) with some general guidance from a couple of patterns... The wool is Heirloom Jigsaw - it's self striping and looking very cute so far. I also finally bought the Socks, socks, socks book that I have been borrowing from the library every chance I get.

Still have a number of projects on the go - haven't done any work on the 2 pink scarves for a while now - need to get moving on those. The baby jacket in Jacaranda Biggan wool is coming along. I really like the selvedge detail on it - I may use that in plans to come.

Have sketched out some ideas for jackets & things to use up some of the stash, but haven't got the necessary headspace at the moment to take it any further than that.

07 September 2008

Snuggy warm socks

All done! And the "ladderation" issue has improved due to much internet advice searching... One excellent site that I stumbled arcoss was Techknitting - linked in the sidebar. It seems to have solved the main problem. I was pulling on the first stitch after the needle changeover, now I'm waiting for the second stitch before the pull - and hey presto - much less ladderation (though still a bit of a line). If I could be bothered blocking bedsocks, I reckon even the line would fade out a bit.

More plans afoot...

03 September 2008

When I said knitting is mostly maths...

I had no idea how far some people have gone with the concept. Theory meets reality and all...

28 August 2008

More Socks and stash

The Stitches & Craft show really did not live up to expectations this year. There were only a few stalls with yarn/knitting related stuff and thousands of people who wanted to look. In the end I bought a sock knitting kit with a lovely blue/brown colour mix for bedsocks, a lighter brown & cream self patterning yarn for socks, some bamboo sock needles and Nicky Epstein's Knitting Over the Edge and Knitting Beyond the Edge.

By far the best find of the show was Biggan yarn. There was a fashion show on right in front of me just as I was drooling over the knitting books. I was quite impressed with the colours and wandered by the stall afterwards to see if the wool was just as soft and lovely as it looked on the models. It is! I spoke a little with the designer - she was wearing a full length skirt and a long sleeved top that she had made with the yarn about 3-4 tears ago. It had seen some wear - but was still soft, minimal pilling, no saggy bits - and she machine washes them apparently.

So yes, more stash was purchased, though I was very restrained and just bought 4 balls of 2 colours suitable for baby wear and have plans for a little cardi of some sort. If it is as nice to knit with as I expect, there may end up being bigger plans afoot.

Even though I can't wait to get on with the lovely soft yarn, I actually cast on the blue/brown socks when I got home. The bamboo needles are easier to work with in the round than the metal ones, my knitting in the round stocking stitch "ladders" are improving (though not completely gone - I think I need some more advice). It's knitting up quicker than I expected, I hope to have the first one done by the end of this weekend. Here's where I was up to on Monday:

20 August 2008

The piggle that wasn't...

The velveteen piggle finally got finished... except that it isn't a piggle. I gave up on the piggle when I discovered how limply the velveteen knits up, so decided to knit as a beanie:

The blah blah secret knitting plan has also come to fruition. A scarf for hubby in Inca in a mix of lovely dark browns. 26 st in 2x2 rib on 7.5mm needles, 1 ball = 40cm, used 4 balls. Inca is a lovely yarn to knit with - warm, bouncy and knits up quickly.

Have plugged along with pink fuzzy scarf the nth - it's over 120cm now, so a week or two to go with that one. Have made a bunch of mistakes in the green throw rug punchwork pattern, but the yarn is too fragile to pull it apart & start again, so I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do about that. May just leave them in and space the rows with stocking stitch, haven't quite decided.

Plans are being laid for future projects and I'm off to the Stitches & Craft show this weekend for some stash addition, more books and inspiration...

07 August 2008

Lacy cardi complete!

Spent Monday night sewing up the lacy cardi - and ta da!
Now I need to find the right kind of brooch to hold it together as the kilt pin is needed elsewhere...

04 August 2008

Pair'o'socks and sunbeams

I have managed the other sock & the pair are now done - hoorah! Knitting with such weeny needles in the round does hurt my fingers after a while, so any socks in future are going to be on bigger needles. I have bought some yummy fuzzy Caressa in the same colours as the PJ's I made for myself - they will be the next socks when I find a suitable pattern.

The basketweave scarf is also complete! And I've finished all of the knitting for the lacy cardigan. Need to sew it all together now.

Also complete is the 3rd pinwale cord skirt and the niece's flanny cot sheets. Most of the mending is up to date as well - including hemming of work pants & jeans...

The two pink scarves are coming along, no work's been done on the green blankie. I spent some time this morning planning the next lot of knitting in a very sketchy sort of way. I need to have a closer look at what I should do next in the garment arena.

22 July 2008

That eureka moment!

I borrowed a fantastic book from the local library called Socks, Socks, Socks (edited by Elaine Rowley ISBN: 0-9646391-5-7). It has the best instructions on how to work a sock that I have ever seen as well as lots of gorgeous socks for inspiration. And then I picked up the teeny bedsocks that I started in about 2002 and managed to finish one of them without it looking like a mutant cross between a golf club cover and a cat's chew toy! Hoorah!!

Here's the sock:

Now I have the other one to do... but I am inspired - I managed to turn a heel properly and graft the ends. The bedsocks on the to-do list don't look nearly so daunting now.

I also finished the pink fingerless mitts - both of them done & sewn in less than a day.

Pink scarf 2 is coming along - it's about 25cm long now, the lacy trim is also coming along, probably about 1m so far. Not much else off the to-do list as yet...

09 July 2008

Series of Sunbeams

Quick update on the completed jobs...
  • The grown up PJs x2 - tick
  • The pinafore - tick
  • One skirt - tick
  • One pair'o'mittens finally sewn together - tick
  • One Barbie dress mended - tick
  • One flanny wrap & 3 mini-blankies for smallest niece - tick
  • One pair of school mittens - found - hoorah!

In progress:
  • Another skirt - cut out ready for sewing
  • Green throw blankie
  • Basketweave scarf
  • Pink scarf x2 (do you sense a theme here?)
  • Lacy wrap cardi
  • Mending my faux silk chinese style handbaggy
  • Velveteen piggle
On the to do list, but not yet started:
  • bedsocks x3
  • hemming a pair of work pants
  • kids dresses x2
  • blah blah secret knitting project
  • fingerless mittens with fluffy edge - in pink of course
  • another cushion cover - with cables
  • cot sheets for niece
  • tablecloth
Languishing in the too hard basket:
  • pretty much all of the ancient knitting (ie: anything I started prior to 2006)
  • and add the old unfinished sewing in here as well really...

06 July 2008

Almost good enough to eat

The cupcake project is complete (and hidden away til the birthday party). As giveways (as well as the lollies etc) I made these:

So easy and so cute...

The pattern is from the Spotlight Knitting Essentials mag, the yarn was either leftover bits & pieces from eons ago or a couple that were especially bought (bumpy multicolour one & the fuzzies - 1 ball each when they were on sale at Spotlight for about $2).

Now on with the rest of the to do list...

23 June 2008

Lacy bits

All the individual pieces (back, 2 side fronts - not even the same 2, but a matching set - and 2 sleeves later) have been finished. But not yet sewn together, not that that stopped me from casting on the lace. It's a 4 row pattern repeat and not to hard (ie: I've only had to unravel it once so far when I lost track where I was up to). Finding a stitch counter solved that one...

It won't take long to finish the lace for the sleeves, but the lace piece that wraps from centre back neck down one front side, all the way around the back and up the other front is probably going to be about 1.5m long. I'll need to sew it all up & measure it properly.

The blankie hasn't progressed much further, though more sewing has been done. There is also a blah blah secret knitting plan under way. And hubby would like some bedsocks (as would I) and a certain small person has lost her school mittens and a replacement pair will need to be made. So more is being added to the list than crossed off.

Whilst I restrained myself from the Lincraft sale today, I did wander past the bookshop and slipped. Two lovely books with cotton knitting patterns are now adorning my bookshelf waiting for me to add more to the to do list...

12 June 2008

Slow progress

The pattern in the rug is starting to take shape. It's not difficult, but row 2 is against all my knitting instincts, so I need to go slowly. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it after a few dozen rows. Still have the black clouds of unfinished projects haunting me - and the sewing really does need to get done soon.

04 June 2008

Casting on the throw rug

I have figured out what I'm going to do with the throw rug and will cast on shortly. A double moss stitch border with a lacy pattern in the middle. 116 stitches on a 7.5cm circular needle, 8 st on each side continue the border, lacy pattern from 400 knitting stitches book.
Here's some cushion cover pics:

03 June 2008

Cushions and things

Hoorah! The green cushion cover is complete and wrapped around the cushion even. In fact crocheted together around said cushion at each end & side edges sewn. Possibly could have been more neatly finished off, but the bulky yarn made it a bit difficult.

Went into town on Sunday for something else entirely. Tapestry Craft were having a sale on their yarn & all knitting things, needless to say there was more stash purchased. Enough of the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed to make a long cardi-type coat and some Inca for a scarf. I was soooo restrained....

Finished the first side front of the lacy wrap cardigan - now for the other front bit. Once I wrapped my brain around the dec at the ends of the various rows from the armhole up and wrote it out, it only took an hour or so to knit.

The sewing has been languishing after the first burst of enthusiam - need to get back to it.

14 May 2008

Pyjamas and stuff

I have made 2 kiddie size flanny PJ pants in cute pink prints - they are already in use! Have cut out PJ pants for me using an actual pattern (as opposed to making it up as I went along based on last year's purchased variety - which is what I did for the kiddie sizes).

One 3 teir ruffled pinwale cord skirt has been constructed, with 2 more cut out & ready to be sewn. One pinafore has also been cut out, though I'm a bit worried it might be too small so I'm waiting to see the results before I get too enthusiastic about cutting more out. I may have to enlarge the pattern.

I managed to wrap my head around the requisite maths in order to start the front of the cushion cover - even graphed it out (which is a bit more technical than I usually get). The other knitting is plodding along... though there is decreasing both sides of the front of the lacy wrap from armholes up with different intervals between the rows of decreasing. I need to write it down and get it straight in my head before I start on that or it will end up in a mess.

More plans having been running about in my head, but haven't formulated anything specific yet.

28 April 2008

Shaping up

The Lacy wrap cardi is shaping up. I finished the back last night see photo below & started the left front. Lots of casting on at the beginning of the knit rows in St st. The shaping becomes slightly more complicated - but not too much. I am more worried about doing the shaping neatly on the purl side.

I need to do some maths in order to finish off my basketweave cushion front. And other things are in the planning stage - more cushions, a throw rug and kiddies jumper.

24 April 2008

Moved, knitting again

Instead of finishing the ongoing scarf & mitten projects (and the Zhivago cardi, not to mention the really ancient stuff that should get finished) which are still sitting about looking neglected, I have started on a cushion cover. As easy as a scarf and not nearly so long! Using the doubled green cotton on 7.5mm needles (70st x 90 rows for 47cm2) it has knitted up very quickly - the back is already done, and the front cast on. Waiting for inspiration re the front. I think the yarn will be too bulky for neat cables and lace could end up a right mess as well. I think a k/p combo of some description will be the best bet.

Also bought a few more balls of wool (Cleckheaton's Country Silk 8ply) in a nice green for another cushion cover. That should cable or lace up nicely. I think I'll leave the fancy stitches for that one (and it will be smaller).

28 March 2008

No time to knit...

Or do much else but move house...

18 February 2008

Sugar Drop Vest Completed

After pulling half the front down and re-knitting the v-neck so you can actually fit your head through... Not convinced that the Cleckheaton patterns leave enough room to get your head through - I always seem to need to enlarge them significantly. Will definitely start any v-necks lower down than suggested in future.

Gave up on any type of armhole or neck bask, it really doesn't seem to need it - the sugar drops give enough interest and the rest will get buried under a skivvy or shirt collar. It's a bit big - it looks more like a long top on at the moment - which is fine given the 'top over leggings' look de jour.
Here's a close up of the "Sugar drop":

17 February 2008

Getting there

The purple vest that is... Just need to finish the shoulder shaping at the back, sew it up & do the v-neck bask. Still deciding what to do on that front, do I go for the moss stitch or a plain bask or just finish it off with a dc edge? Will decide once I get a look at the finished shape.

Also started a cotton scarf in a scrummy deep dusky pink. That's the little cart around project. Must finish off the unsewn mittens that I found in the bottom of the knitting basket today as well.

Need to sort out cunning plans for what's next as well... Those other cottons are calling me. I think there will be stripes involved.

Motivation has been lagging a bit over the last couple of weeks, despite the cool weather. The complete lack of anything even remotely watchable on TV is partly to blame. I've only got a couple of DVDs to go through as well... may need to put them on.

23 January 2008

Blue Mandorla complete...

Yes, finally finished the sewing up etc on Monday night. Hoorah! It's not my favourite & not perfect, but certainly wearable (in winter - it's heavy). I've learnt a lot along the way - collars need increases over shoulder seams or more elaborate shaping, things for me really do need to be lengthened from the pattern, don't try reverse engineering a rib pattern to plain stocking stitch without a ton more thought involved.

In order to celebrate, more stash has been purchased. Mostly cottons in different weights. More planning to come once the purple vest is done!

18 January 2008

Should have mentioned...

That the stripey scarf finally got fringed just before Xmas, Dec 23 I think. So that qualifies for a sunbeam :)

Also made the stripey library bag for school - hoorah! Turned out quite nicely I must say... even if the straps are waaay too long.

Photos to follow at some point...

Still on the 'must get done before school goes back' list - a paint apron. In purple gingham, probably with white bias binding. Wish me luck.

14 January 2008

The next vest

Have started on the next vest. Yes instead of finishing projects already started.... I need to reduce the stash! Well, that's my excuse at any rate. Must not buy more wool until I've used more stash, must be strong despite sales at Spotlight.

Decided on a bobbly fringe for it for something bit different- the sugar drop pattern from Nicky Epstein's 'Knitting on the Edge'. It's basically triangles with 3 bobbles off each point. Once again the Cleckheaton Classics Macrokids vest pattern (size 10) was modified to fit a multiple of 13 stitches (so I had to do 17 triangles with 3 bobbles each). I'm using 4mm needles with a lovely deep purple Cleckheaton 8ply machine washable Crepe from the stash. I have 8 balls of it & hopefully that will be enough. The armbands & v-neck wil be done in moss stitch to match the edge of the sugar drop pattern.

The sugar drop edging did seem to take eons, but I'm now into the straight stocking stitch so it's zooming along and requires no brainpower until I get to the armholes. Once again I'm knitting it in the round on circular needles to the armholes to avoid sewing up, and I'll do the armbands before sewing up the shoulders in order to avoid using DPNs in the round for the armholes. The v-neck will fit nicely on circular needles as well. Hoorah!

Also bought the most recent copy of AU Creative Knitting - there are a few cool patterns in there that I'm adding to the "to-do" list. Particularly the girl's Zhivago cardi with lace edging - I have a stash of ice-blue Zhivago which will be perfect for that.

08 January 2008

A vest for WJ

It was meant to be a blah, blah secret plan, however the cat (or in this case present) was out of the bag on Saturday.

I used the Cleckheaton Microkids Vest pattern & modified... with cables, circular needles to armhole, different order for sewing up etc. The Cleckheaton country naturals in 8ply maroon (4mm needles) with whitish fleck looks lovely knitted up. I only ended up using 4 balls instead of the 5 recommended for the pattern. I wasn't sure how the cabling would go as it's years since I had done any - but looks fine (despite me being unable to count rows over Xmas and having to redo sections of the cable panel).

Actually it was a lot of fun knitting for size 2! Done quickly - started on 26 Dec and finished & all sewn up last week. Photos to come once I press it.