30 June 2007

Pink scarf - the first

Yes! Finally the pink scarf is done. Moda Vera 'Vixen' in pink & rainbow colours 12 rows garter st interspersed with Paton's Jet in hot pink 6 rows garter st. Knitted on 7mm needles with only 2 minor mistakes (which I didn't bother to undo as they are hardly noticeable). It's approximately 150cm long. Decided a fringe on this one would be overkill. It's lovely & fuzzy, with the Jet giving enough structure to keep it from curling up.
Also slipped and bought some more wool yesterday - not much and with specific scarves & beanies in mind. The balls were either 'big', textured or fluffy as I have heaps of plain odd ball remnants that will work in well. Today had another minor slip... I have been after a book of stitch patterns. Have been looking in bookshops for the book that I usually borrow from the local library when I found "400 Knitting Stitches" by Murdoch books (a translation from the Marie Clare French version). It's luscious... and came home with me - a relative bargain for $39. I will spend some time drooling over the patterns and working out which ones I'm going to use in the next scarf.

21 June 2007

The guilt list for today

Knitting currently in progress (piccies above):

  • pink scarf (started May 07)
  • white cardi for N (started Jan 07)
  • bedsocks for N (started around 2005, won't fit them now even if I finish, but could give them to another)
  • black aran jumper (started 1991)

Embroidery currently in progress:

  • Large sampler (started around 1990) - x-stitch finished, need to back stitch & bead
  • Pressie (started 05) can't say more - it's secret, but probably needs a good month of evenings to finish
  • really, truly ancient stuff from when I was about 10yrs old - do I bother?

Other stuff:

  • Felt weather board for M (started 03)
  • Quilt for P (started 01)
  • N's queen frock (started Jun 07) but needed for the party...
  • Tabards for party (started Jun 07)
  • Mending... a few trousers that need shortening, skirt that needs mending and shorts that need the button sewn back on
And that's what started... will leave the cunning plans, material & wool stash etc for later.

20 June 2007

The first post

Thought I'd give the blogging thing a try... more to keep useful but unrelated info together and share useful stuff that doesn't fall into other categories. And most importantly to nag myself to get my craft projects (ranging over the last 30 years) finished and done with and off the black cloud list. Intend to have a bit of a play about with templates and settings and stuff - won't be posting many pics apart from the crafty stuff. If you want what I'm up to etc - you'll need to head to Flickr.