17 November 2009

Picking up where I left off...

So I didn't quite manage to sew up the mittens before stuffing the knitting back into the cupboard. I found them again when rediscovering where I was up to on a number of projects.

The green blankie: not happy with the pattern, frogged it back to the basketweave edge, continuing (slowly) in garter stitch when brain not capable of more complex projects.

The purple scarf: the only thing that remained on the go in the few brief moments or occasional evening's knitting in the last 4 months. Nearly finished one ball of wool, I like the subtle colour variation in this one.

The cotton charity jumper: sewed the shoulder seams in preparation for the pick-up around the neck. Need to have brain in gear for that one.

Mittens (various): need sewing up or finishing off in some way...

On the sewing front - finally finished the gold neck trim for the scarlet silk SCA tunic and made a sundress (just need to figure out a neck closure, currently leaning towards hook and eye or fake buttons & hem).

There are plenty of sewing plans afoot, but the next big knitting project hasn't leapt out at me yet.