16 August 2010

Snug as a bug

knitting a rug. Sock still needs turning, the mending pile is becoming ridiculous and a book week costume needs details finalised...

I may not purchase any more stash until significant usage of current stocks has occurred. Need to think about further projects for when I'm not happy to knit under a rug of an evening.

12 August 2010

More woolly socks

Well the last pair was finished, and nabbed to wear almost hot off the needles! And the next pair has one sock finished and the other up to turning the heel. The Jitterbug yarn is nicer to work with than the Noir and just seems to have more elasticity. The Noir is much more affordable though... I also love the wooden needles - even easier to work with than the bamboo.

My knitting in the round has definitely improved - no more ugly ladders, seem to have the knack of it now. The socks have been progressing as they are so much easier to transport about. The rug is simply huge, but I may get back to it after this pair of socks simply to get it off the to-do list.

Everything else has been on hold for a while....