23 June 2008

Lacy bits

All the individual pieces (back, 2 side fronts - not even the same 2, but a matching set - and 2 sleeves later) have been finished. But not yet sewn together, not that that stopped me from casting on the lace. It's a 4 row pattern repeat and not to hard (ie: I've only had to unravel it once so far when I lost track where I was up to). Finding a stitch counter solved that one...

It won't take long to finish the lace for the sleeves, but the lace piece that wraps from centre back neck down one front side, all the way around the back and up the other front is probably going to be about 1.5m long. I'll need to sew it all up & measure it properly.

The blankie hasn't progressed much further, though more sewing has been done. There is also a blah blah secret knitting plan under way. And hubby would like some bedsocks (as would I) and a certain small person has lost her school mittens and a replacement pair will need to be made. So more is being added to the list than crossed off.

Whilst I restrained myself from the Lincraft sale today, I did wander past the bookshop and slipped. Two lovely books with cotton knitting patterns are now adorning my bookshelf waiting for me to add more to the to do list...

12 June 2008

Slow progress

The pattern in the rug is starting to take shape. It's not difficult, but row 2 is against all my knitting instincts, so I need to go slowly. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it after a few dozen rows. Still have the black clouds of unfinished projects haunting me - and the sewing really does need to get done soon.

04 June 2008

Casting on the throw rug

I have figured out what I'm going to do with the throw rug and will cast on shortly. A double moss stitch border with a lacy pattern in the middle. 116 stitches on a 7.5cm circular needle, 8 st on each side continue the border, lacy pattern from 400 knitting stitches book.
Here's some cushion cover pics:

03 June 2008

Cushions and things

Hoorah! The green cushion cover is complete and wrapped around the cushion even. In fact crocheted together around said cushion at each end & side edges sewn. Possibly could have been more neatly finished off, but the bulky yarn made it a bit difficult.

Went into town on Sunday for something else entirely. Tapestry Craft were having a sale on their yarn & all knitting things, needless to say there was more stash purchased. Enough of the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed to make a long cardi-type coat and some Inca for a scarf. I was soooo restrained....

Finished the first side front of the lacy wrap cardigan - now for the other front bit. Once I wrapped my brain around the dec at the ends of the various rows from the armhole up and wrote it out, it only took an hour or so to knit.

The sewing has been languishing after the first burst of enthusiam - need to get back to it.