22 December 2008

Another pink sunbeam

Pink scarf the almost identical is finished! Finally finished it on Friday night. I think it's about 10cm longer than the previous one - so they are not exactly identical. Here is pic of the the other finished pink scarf:

Also picked the baby jacket back up and the knitting is about 3/4 complete. Will be starting some new projects in the next couple of days - inspiration is back, seems to return just about round Xmas - maybe it's because I have time off...

17 December 2008

Sunbeam in orchid

Yes have finally finished the cotton scarf - hoorah! Piccies to arrive once it has been delivered to the recipient. A long slog, will not be repeating that particular pattern for a scarf again, even though it does look gorgeous.

Also bought the AU Creative knitting for summer mag the other day - a couple of tempting pieces in there. Will have to see if the inspiration continues... One more scarf to finish and then it's back to the socks.