14 May 2008

Pyjamas and stuff

I have made 2 kiddie size flanny PJ pants in cute pink prints - they are already in use! Have cut out PJ pants for me using an actual pattern (as opposed to making it up as I went along based on last year's purchased variety - which is what I did for the kiddie sizes).

One 3 teir ruffled pinwale cord skirt has been constructed, with 2 more cut out & ready to be sewn. One pinafore has also been cut out, though I'm a bit worried it might be too small so I'm waiting to see the results before I get too enthusiastic about cutting more out. I may have to enlarge the pattern.

I managed to wrap my head around the requisite maths in order to start the front of the cushion cover - even graphed it out (which is a bit more technical than I usually get). The other knitting is plodding along... though there is decreasing both sides of the front of the lacy wrap from armholes up with different intervals between the rows of decreasing. I need to write it down and get it straight in my head before I start on that or it will end up in a mess.

More plans having been running about in my head, but haven't formulated anything specific yet.