27 January 2009


Two pincushions were made today out of felt, not much other sewing or knitting has been done as I have been on a tidying frenzy - the type of one where the boxes that moved without being opened got opened and dealt with. Oh, and framing photos that I've had put away for years too...

19 January 2009

A sundress or two

Well one is done and the next is ready to be cut out. The blue square cut neckline one is OK, but could have been better finished (my kingdom for an overlocker!). Even managed buttonholes that don't look toooooo manky. Actually I think the next time I make that particular dress I will just line the whole bodice, it seems a darn sight easier than fiddling about with facings - would make the skirt attachment neater as well. Oh and not use a slippery self-crinkled poly-cotton as the material - that would help a lot too!

The next dress is a sweet 6-panel A-line with short sleeves - to be made up in a white (100%) cotton with teeny coloured polka-dot print. The only fiddly bit will be the zipper - but thankfully I seem to be getting the hang of those... The one after that is the crossover top pattern that has already produced one nice sundress - I just need to scale it up.

The tealy/beige print material is going to be made into some sort of floaty summer top for me and there's bags to make with cute off-cuts, another tiered skirt etc etc...

It's just been too hot for knitting - finished sleeve 1, cast on sleeve 2 of little cotton jumper, and it's going to languish til the heat comes down.

I am also in the in-depth tidying mode - the one where everything gets sorted into it's proper place or gets chucked. The storage closet is almost done, the big job is then the sewing room - hopefully I will have the energy to keep going!

12 January 2009

Sleeves are the tedious bit

Finished the front of the small cotton jumper and onto the sleeves. I hate the sleeves the most of any knitting... they are the inspiration killers, even sewing it all up is more fun.

Cut out & started a sundress, with material purchased for one/two more and a shirt or skirt for me. Mending still to be done.

Will make something from the Jo Sharp - Family knitting book with the brightest pink of the purchased cottons and see how it knits up. Must finish the current WIPs first though!

08 January 2009

Knitting in the heatwave

Doesn't really happen... However progress has been made on the Jacaranda Baby Wrap - now ready for blocking - and boy does the front need it.

The small cotton jumper is underway with the back and 80% of the front finished. Also bought a huge stack of Jo Sharp's Desert Garden Aran cotton mix in three gorgeous colours - colours that have been discontinued and were therefore extremely cheap (well for good quality cotton anyway). I was very impressed with the feel and finished product made from the lighter weight Soho Summer cotton - so hoping for good things with this lot. Planning to come...

Still need to finish the second of the Pink Sock pair. Need to actually find a quiet space in order to cast on and get the join right. Pink sock #1 looks like this - I'm quite pleased with it.
Have made it through some of the mending pile, still a number of things to go, and a pair of trousers to shorten. Stacks more sewing plans - all still in my head at this point.