19 February 2009

warm woollen mittens...

Two pairs knitted (though not sewn up) so far. Started on the Kids Jumper - will be a modified version of the cotton jumper I just knitted. Haven't had much time for kintting just at the moment - hope to do some more over the weekend.

10 February 2009

Second sock syndrome

I'd heard about second sock syndrome - where the first languishes waiting for its companion. It wasn't so much that I didn't want to start it - it's just that I needed a quiet space & time to cast on as I find casting on in the round to be tricksy. So yesterday I had a spare quiet 20min and cast on pink sock 2. Of course now that it's cast on I've knitted a couple of cm of the cuff already.

All the knitting part for the cotton jumper is done. Minor variation on neckline required - but it all looks good. Just need to sew the arms on & the side seams, weave in the ends (that will take the longest - must do even numbers of stripes in future) and it's done.

Ms Q is organising a charity knit for the bushfire victims. I have offered up the pink scarf I made some time ago that still doesn't have a home and also a child's jumper and whatever other little projects (hats/mittens) I can get done before the bundle gets sent off. I need to look through the stash to see what I can turn into a nice, and quick to knit up, kid's jumper.