19 May 2011

Sunbeam double

Two projects finished - and both from the pile of things that have been lingering for some time... Yay! So this means that I get to start one of the new projects.

The cotton rugby jumper and the purple scarf are done. Pics to follow at some point. Both the green throw rug and the cotton chaise top are still on the needles and I still need to sew up 2 pairs of mittens. So, of course a new project should start! Maybe just a small one like a hat or gloves... Need to finish the sewing up before any larger project starts.

11 May 2011

May? Already?

I hadn't realised how badly out of date this was... The vast amount of sewing got in the way.

So all 3 small frocks finished, 2 out of 3 dressing gowns finished, 1 large frock finished, an apron and a gollar also done.

Still on the sewing to do list - 1 dressing gown, 1 winter work skirt, 1 summer top, more frocks etc...

The socks have been moving along, as they are small and portable, up to turning the heel on the second sock. I don't really like the heel structure in this pattern and I think I'll go back to the old version for any new sock projects.

The cotton summer top didn't get finished for summer, the green throw rug has recently been dragged out again for warm knitting in front of the TV and a small amount has been added to the length of the purple scarf. Some of the ongoing projects must be finished before I start anything new - though I really would like to start another beret.