24 September 2008

Another pair o socks - nearly as addictive as scarves

Started on another pair of socks, making them up as I go along (somewhat) with some general guidance from a couple of patterns... The wool is Heirloom Jigsaw - it's self striping and looking very cute so far. I also finally bought the Socks, socks, socks book that I have been borrowing from the library every chance I get.

Still have a number of projects on the go - haven't done any work on the 2 pink scarves for a while now - need to get moving on those. The baby jacket in Jacaranda Biggan wool is coming along. I really like the selvedge detail on it - I may use that in plans to come.

Have sketched out some ideas for jackets & things to use up some of the stash, but haven't got the necessary headspace at the moment to take it any further than that.

07 September 2008

Snuggy warm socks

All done! And the "ladderation" issue has improved due to much internet advice searching... One excellent site that I stumbled arcoss was Techknitting - linked in the sidebar. It seems to have solved the main problem. I was pulling on the first stitch after the needle changeover, now I'm waiting for the second stitch before the pull - and hey presto - much less ladderation (though still a bit of a line). If I could be bothered blocking bedsocks, I reckon even the line would fade out a bit.

More plans afoot...

03 September 2008

When I said knitting is mostly maths...

I had no idea how far some people have gone with the concept. Theory meets reality and all...