28 April 2008

Shaping up

The Lacy wrap cardi is shaping up. I finished the back last night see photo below & started the left front. Lots of casting on at the beginning of the knit rows in St st. The shaping becomes slightly more complicated - but not too much. I am more worried about doing the shaping neatly on the purl side.

I need to do some maths in order to finish off my basketweave cushion front. And other things are in the planning stage - more cushions, a throw rug and kiddies jumper.

24 April 2008

Moved, knitting again

Instead of finishing the ongoing scarf & mitten projects (and the Zhivago cardi, not to mention the really ancient stuff that should get finished) which are still sitting about looking neglected, I have started on a cushion cover. As easy as a scarf and not nearly so long! Using the doubled green cotton on 7.5mm needles (70st x 90 rows for 47cm2) it has knitted up very quickly - the back is already done, and the front cast on. Waiting for inspiration re the front. I think the yarn will be too bulky for neat cables and lace could end up a right mess as well. I think a k/p combo of some description will be the best bet.

Also bought a few more balls of wool (Cleckheaton's Country Silk 8ply) in a nice green for another cushion cover. That should cable or lace up nicely. I think I'll leave the fancy stitches for that one (and it will be smaller).