23 December 2007

Mittens done

The Mark II stripey ones that is. All wrapped up and given away before I even remembered that I hadn't taken a photo. They were navy & red - quite cute.

Started another scarf as an in-between project, or for when I need something that requires no brainpower. Everything else is still in the procrastination pile, though I must get something organised to take down the coast with me. I should start on the 2008 jumper & birthday season... or at least have an idea of what I'm planning to knit. I think I'll spend tonight browsing patterns for inspiration.

07 December 2007

Stripey mittens II - the return

More stripey mittens on the way - for a birthday pressie that needs to be wrapped by next Tuesday morning. I have about 30min of knitting and probably about an hour of sewing up to do... And yes, I'm procrastinating in front of the computer instead of finishing them because it's still hot and sticky after this afternoon's thunderstorm. It meant to be a bit cooler over the weekend and also next week. Hopefully that will help with the motivation.

Still have lots of plans going about in my head. Need to get a couple of them down on paper - and one better - on to the needles.