19 September 2010

Round and round we go...

So the jeans were mended, the blah, blah secret plan finished and a new project started (and yes there are a whole bunch of wips that still need finishing... back onto the black cloud list for them...).

The new project is a top for me. In dark red cotton from stash, I'm hoping I have enough - it's a sleeveless top, I should just make it, though the back up plan is leaving out the ribbing around the armholes (though I might do this anyway and just crochet the edge) and using 1 strand for the ruffle (I'm working the top with 2 strands to get the feel & tension correct).

It's the Chaise top from Jo Sharp's Summer holiday book and I'm knitting it in the round to avoid seaming up to the armholes. There are only 2 disadvantages to that:
1. working the new thread in is a cow, especially as the cotton seems to have a number of knots in it
2. You start off with 228 stitches, and though it decreases a bit, it still takes quite a bit of time to make it around 1 round of stitches. I probably should have used the 80cm long circular needle rather than the 60cm one too.

It's coming along though, fingers crossed it gets finished in time for summer!

So knitting still to finish:
purple garter stitch scarf
green throw rug
cotton jumper
sew up mittens

Sewing still to finish:
Blue & white cotton top
Teal shirt

Stuff not yet started:
another work skirt for me
SCA frocks

I'm sure that there is more on the list... I can't remember - I'll have to add it in later.

13 September 2010

A quick sunbeam

In amongst all the stuff on the to-do list (which is still ongoing, though the mending is down to taking up a pair of jeans) I wanted a quick & easy knitting project to finish.
The Jo Sharp Tweed Beret fit the bill perfectly... and used up stashed yarn! Now to find some others that are quick & easy knitting.

02 September 2010

Spring knitting

Socks finished and given away - see photo for completed pair.

The book week costume was sorted on time, still need to make dancing skirts, did more of the blah blah secret plan knitting which is now way overdue. The rug has a few more rows completed and I think it's time to start on the next pair of socks. Really should get some mending done this week as well... Then need to get my head around SCA sewing.