17 November 2007

All sewn up

The mittens that is. Spent Wednesday night sewing up mittens - all done! And the decision has been made - the stripey scarf does need a fringe...

14 November 2007

Stripey mittens

Complete! Sewn up even (which means they overtake the mauve & green ones). Will do more sewing up...

10 November 2007

To fringe or not to fringe

Yes that is the question. I'm currently trying to decide whether the stripey scarf will look better with or without a fringe. The knitting's all done, but I haven't quite decided whether it's finished or not. While I procrastinate about that, I have started & finished one red & grey stripey mitten (sans the sewing up). I'll probably start it's mate tonight.

I've bought buttons for the blue mandorla, but have got no further with the sewing up. The beads have distracted me... lovely shiny beads.... So instead of finishing the knitting I've been making necklaces, earrings and bracelets.