13 July 2011

Quilt finished!

I have finally finished (and given to the intended recipient) the quilt that I have been working on for 9.5 years. That's one major UFO off the list - hurrah!

I've started another ball of wool on the throw rug, just 3 to go now, no work has been done on the socks, however the sewing room is far more organised and tidy. One scroll has been finished and the next started. Still need a plan for the next knitting project too...

26 June 2011

Craft Show Fail

Was hoping to go, but when it came down to the wire, just couldn't muster the momentum to get me out the door... Figured I would rather spend the entry fee on some new wool.

Instead, today was the mending pile, more illumination and more thought to the reorganisation of the craft storage. The green throw rug got pulled out for knitting in front of the TV. The mulberry socks are very nearly finished - almost up to the toe decreases on the second sock. I really would like to start a new medium size project, but I just can't decide which one to start. I would like the navy cotton jumper for summer, there's another cotton jacket which looks nice, would love to do more berets, scarves and gloves.

And actually the previous post uploaded today was written earlier, but due to technical issues didn't get posted til today...

14 June 2011

Sunbeam pics

So since last post, I've finished a pair of navy gloves and turned the heel on the 2nd mulberry sock, made a dance costume for a friend and resisted the mega-sales of craft materials...

19 May 2011

Sunbeam double

Two projects finished - and both from the pile of things that have been lingering for some time... Yay! So this means that I get to start one of the new projects.

The cotton rugby jumper and the purple scarf are done. Pics to follow at some point. Both the green throw rug and the cotton chaise top are still on the needles and I still need to sew up 2 pairs of mittens. So, of course a new project should start! Maybe just a small one like a hat or gloves... Need to finish the sewing up before any larger project starts.

11 May 2011

May? Already?

I hadn't realised how badly out of date this was... The vast amount of sewing got in the way.

So all 3 small frocks finished, 2 out of 3 dressing gowns finished, 1 large frock finished, an apron and a gollar also done.

Still on the sewing to do list - 1 dressing gown, 1 winter work skirt, 1 summer top, more frocks etc...

The socks have been moving along, as they are small and portable, up to turning the heel on the second sock. I don't really like the heel structure in this pattern and I think I'll go back to the old version for any new sock projects.

The cotton summer top didn't get finished for summer, the green throw rug has recently been dragged out again for warm knitting in front of the TV and a small amount has been added to the length of the purple scarf. Some of the ongoing projects must be finished before I start anything new - though I really would like to start another beret.

27 December 2010

The making of stuff...

The small dressing gown is finished, 2 to go...
Two small frocks are up to the banding around the hem (though some handsewing to finish will be required).
At least 4 small and 2 large chemises need to be made - they will be on the to-do list for a bit.
Another small frock is cut out and needs to be finished.
And the large frock plans need to be sorted, as well as some shirts & trews.

One summer top for work is done, the knitting is progressing very slowly and some small portable projects need to be started so there is less excuse for sitting idle in front of the TV. There are so many things that are just plans in my head which need to end up on the needles or on the machine, not to mention the languishing unfinished bits & pieces.

So off to do some more...

11 November 2010

Jacaranda Bramble Beret Finished!

I finished the longer length jaracaranda bramble beret tonight, I'll block it tomorrow. It looks like it will be pretty cute. Now I need to find another portable project - maybe some more socks or back to the garter stitch scarf?

The front of the chaise top is finished, onto the back. I'm hoping I have enough yarn to finish it - I have a plan B, but loathe frogging back & picking up stitches.

Everything else is still on the to-do list with a few more bits added for good measure.