22 July 2008

That eureka moment!

I borrowed a fantastic book from the local library called Socks, Socks, Socks (edited by Elaine Rowley ISBN: 0-9646391-5-7). It has the best instructions on how to work a sock that I have ever seen as well as lots of gorgeous socks for inspiration. And then I picked up the teeny bedsocks that I started in about 2002 and managed to finish one of them without it looking like a mutant cross between a golf club cover and a cat's chew toy! Hoorah!!

Here's the sock:

Now I have the other one to do... but I am inspired - I managed to turn a heel properly and graft the ends. The bedsocks on the to-do list don't look nearly so daunting now.

I also finished the pink fingerless mitts - both of them done & sewn in less than a day.

Pink scarf 2 is coming along - it's about 25cm long now, the lacy trim is also coming along, probably about 1m so far. Not much else off the to-do list as yet...

09 July 2008

Series of Sunbeams

Quick update on the completed jobs...
  • The grown up PJs x2 - tick
  • The pinafore - tick
  • One skirt - tick
  • One pair'o'mittens finally sewn together - tick
  • One Barbie dress mended - tick
  • One flanny wrap & 3 mini-blankies for smallest niece - tick
  • One pair of school mittens - found - hoorah!

In progress:
  • Another skirt - cut out ready for sewing
  • Green throw blankie
  • Basketweave scarf
  • Pink scarf x2 (do you sense a theme here?)
  • Lacy wrap cardi
  • Mending my faux silk chinese style handbaggy
  • Velveteen piggle
On the to do list, but not yet started:
  • bedsocks x3
  • hemming a pair of work pants
  • kids dresses x2
  • blah blah secret knitting project
  • fingerless mittens with fluffy edge - in pink of course
  • another cushion cover - with cables
  • cot sheets for niece
  • tablecloth
Languishing in the too hard basket:
  • pretty much all of the ancient knitting (ie: anything I started prior to 2006)
  • and add the old unfinished sewing in here as well really...

06 July 2008

Almost good enough to eat

The cupcake project is complete (and hidden away til the birthday party). As giveways (as well as the lollies etc) I made these:

So easy and so cute...

The pattern is from the Spotlight Knitting Essentials mag, the yarn was either leftover bits & pieces from eons ago or a couple that were especially bought (bumpy multicolour one & the fuzzies - 1 ball each when they were on sale at Spotlight for about $2).

Now on with the rest of the to do list...