27 January 2010

More sewing

The continuing sewing frenzy has seen the following completed:

a hemmed tablecloth
a new cushion cover (what - the cushion's only been in the sewing room for 22 months)
a dance gear bag

So, only 1 thing off the critical list...

Further sewing room organisation has happened - the noticeboard is on the wall and in use, a smallish plant pot was purchased (99c!) for all the scissors etc that get strewn across the table to hide neatly in, storage of sewing bits & pieces has progressed.

Small impulse fabric purchase today (remnants at IKEA, of all places) sparked the cushion cover. And there is enough left over to make either more cushion covers or something else...

22 January 2010

Sewing and more sewing

Here's a piccie of the finished sundress:

And lots more sewing has been happening... There is now finished:
Italian Ren-based SCA frock out of red brocade (with small embellishment and pin-in-able sleeves)
chemise to go with frock
another sundress - polka dots
finishing a pair of SCA trews (that I found along the way, that I obviously didn't quite finish years ago)
some mending

Several new patterns have been cut out, one top for me is cut out ready to sew.

Have so many plans - SCA, home stuff, more clothes... now need time to make it happen.

The critical list is:
another SCA frock - Italian Ren - green brocade
finishing the last 2 frocks and the German Ren hat that got put away years ago. The main construction on the frocks is done - need to add the decoration. Need to figure out where the hat is up to.
a couple more chemises and caps
a pouch
a belt
Hemming a couple of table cloths
Finishing the top that is cut out
taking a pattern from my fave denim skirt that really is going to die soon and making a new one
finishing the quilt I started 8 years ago

On the knitting front, the back of the blah, blah secret plan is finished, have started on the front.

I have also done stage 1 of sewing room reorganisation (which means at least that the knitting needles are no longer in a pile on the floor). Stage 2 requires stash reduction or at least a more cunning plan for storage space use.