27 October 2008

A warm wind blowing

It's about this time each year where my enthusiasm drops right off, the warm winds seem to suck the creativity out of me...

Having said that, the two current pieces are trundling on. And with time running out, need to get a move on. Also have confirmation that the jacaranda baby jacket will not be going to the intended recipient, but to the next girl bub who turns up. Need to get started on a suitable replacement.

12 October 2008

Trundling on

The first of the Jigsaw socks has its heel turned and is probably about 3/4 of the length it needs to be. Now I need to measure the foot it is to go onto! Then it's only about 1 night's worth of knitting to go + another whole sock.

I have finished one half of the cotton pink scarf, and started on the next half - so it's moving along.

Of course this has meant that the other pink scarf and the jacaranda baby jacket are stalled for the moment. I need to figure out exactly where I was up to with the baby jacket - ths requires a brain that is not completely exhausted. Hopefully this week I'll be able to figure it out.