18 February 2008

Sugar Drop Vest Completed

After pulling half the front down and re-knitting the v-neck so you can actually fit your head through... Not convinced that the Cleckheaton patterns leave enough room to get your head through - I always seem to need to enlarge them significantly. Will definitely start any v-necks lower down than suggested in future.

Gave up on any type of armhole or neck bask, it really doesn't seem to need it - the sugar drops give enough interest and the rest will get buried under a skivvy or shirt collar. It's a bit big - it looks more like a long top on at the moment - which is fine given the 'top over leggings' look de jour.
Here's a close up of the "Sugar drop":

17 February 2008

Getting there

The purple vest that is... Just need to finish the shoulder shaping at the back, sew it up & do the v-neck bask. Still deciding what to do on that front, do I go for the moss stitch or a plain bask or just finish it off with a dc edge? Will decide once I get a look at the finished shape.

Also started a cotton scarf in a scrummy deep dusky pink. That's the little cart around project. Must finish off the unsewn mittens that I found in the bottom of the knitting basket today as well.

Need to sort out cunning plans for what's next as well... Those other cottons are calling me. I think there will be stripes involved.

Motivation has been lagging a bit over the last couple of weeks, despite the cool weather. The complete lack of anything even remotely watchable on TV is partly to blame. I've only got a couple of DVDs to go through as well... may need to put them on.