26 June 2011

Craft Show Fail

Was hoping to go, but when it came down to the wire, just couldn't muster the momentum to get me out the door... Figured I would rather spend the entry fee on some new wool.

Instead, today was the mending pile, more illumination and more thought to the reorganisation of the craft storage. The green throw rug got pulled out for knitting in front of the TV. The mulberry socks are very nearly finished - almost up to the toe decreases on the second sock. I really would like to start a new medium size project, but I just can't decide which one to start. I would like the navy cotton jumper for summer, there's another cotton jacket which looks nice, would love to do more berets, scarves and gloves.

And actually the previous post uploaded today was written earlier, but due to technical issues didn't get posted til today...

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