27 December 2010

The making of stuff...

The small dressing gown is finished, 2 to go...
Two small frocks are up to the banding around the hem (though some handsewing to finish will be required).
At least 4 small and 2 large chemises need to be made - they will be on the to-do list for a bit.
Another small frock is cut out and needs to be finished.
And the large frock plans need to be sorted, as well as some shirts & trews.

One summer top for work is done, the knitting is progressing very slowly and some small portable projects need to be started so there is less excuse for sitting idle in front of the TV. There are so many things that are just plans in my head which need to end up on the needles or on the machine, not to mention the languishing unfinished bits & pieces.

So off to do some more...

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